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Foods to Avoid When Taking Antibiotics


In many ways, the food we eat can affect the effectiveness of our medications for our healthcare needs. Either the food will prevent the medicines from being absorbed or entirely interfere with the absorption.

Many pharmacies provide medication counseling to guide you on how to take your medicines and what to avoid when following your doctor’s prescriptions.

Hence, stopping an illness from spreading within our bodies with antibiotics is no easy feat. While they’re effective at wiping out the harmful bacteria in the body, they may also kill the healthy bacteria that are doing their job.

As a provider of pharmacy services in Ansonia, Connecticut, we recommend avoiding the following foods to expedite recovery and maximize the efficacy of antibiotics:

  • Acidic foods

    Foods with a high acidity level, like citrus fruits, chocolate, and tomato-based products, prevent medicine absorption in the body.

  • High-fiber foods

    Eating foods like lentils, beans, and healthy grains is recommended when trying to shed pounds. However, we should limit our consumption of high-fiber meals when on antibiotics.

  • Sugar or allergen-containing foods

    Common allergens like gluten and sugar inhibit the body’s natural ability to fight off infections by reducing the number of white blood cells.

  • Foods with milk and cheese

    Consuming dairy products while taking antibiotics will not help us improve because calcium hinders antibiotic absorption. But there are some exceptions, like yogurt, a dairy product that aids in digesting food.

At HANCOCK PHARMACY VI LLC, we can aid you in managing your medication intake with our different services, including filling in your prescriptions and medication administration in Connecticut.

You can also ask us about our medical supplies in Connecticut via phone at 203-734-8900 or visit our pharmacy in Ansonia, Connecticut!

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