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Avoiding the Dangers of Overdose and Drug Side Effects


Patients over 65 are seven times more likely to be hospitalized after experiencing a serious drug reaction than those under 65, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Fortunately, many potentially dangerous drug reactions are preventable if the right measures are taken.

In our years of providing trusted Pharmacy Services in Ansonia, Connecticut, the safety of the entire community is our top priority, so we’re sharing some tips for avoiding drug overdose and adverse effects for the benefit of everyone.

Consult your doctor or pharmacist before buying any OTC Meds, as these substances may interact with your current prescriptions or cause an overdose if taken incorrectly.

Dosage, time, and place for each drug should always be written down and reviewed periodically to see if any are no longer necessary or can be reduced to a lower amount.

Always make sure that you are following the instructions that are printed on the label of the medication that you are taking. If your physician has not instructed you otherwise, you should not stop taking your medication just because you are experiencing improved symptoms. Check that you understand how much of the medication to consume, when to take it, and for how long.

To learn more about the proper Medication Administration in Connecticut, feel free to drop by our pharmacy at Hancock Pharmacy VI LLC

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