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Your Guide to the Proper Use of Antibiotics


Nowadays, antibiotics are so easily available that most people take them without seeking any doctor’s advice or prescription. But antibiotics are powerful medications and, when taken wrongly, can cause dangerous side effects. This is why medication counseling is essential so that pharmacists and medical professionals can give important medication information to the patient. Check out this antibiotic guide.

  • What Is an Antibiotic?
    Antibiotics are medications that help fight bacteria by killing them or stopping their multiplication in your body. For antibiotics to work, they must be taken at the right time. Make sure to visit pharmacies that have professionals for medication administration in Connecticut so they can teach you how to best take your antibiotic.
  • What Is Treated by Antibiotics?
    It’s important that you know that antibiotics only treat infections caused by bacteria. This could be UTIs or strep throat. If you’ve heard that taking an antibiotic can easily get rid of your cough or cold, don’t just take an antibiotic of your own will. Always visit your doctor. Purchasing an antibiotic to take should not be as casual as purchasing bandages or other medical supplies in Connecticut.
  • How Long Should You Be Taking It?
    Antibiotic use can vary depending on your condition and your doctor’s advice. That’s why you must always seek the guidance of your doctor before you take antibiotics, so you don’t develop resistance and end up with no possible effective antibiotic for a serious infection. Antibiotics are not simple OTC meds.

If you’re feeling sick and you feel that usual medications don’t work anymore, make sure to discontinue self-medicating and seek the help of a professional right away. If you’re looking for a prescription in Ansonia, Connecticut, visit your doctor immediately, or seek our services at HANCOCK PHARMACY VI LLC.

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