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Storing Your Medications Safely for Your Kids


If you have medications you have to take, it’s important that you store them safely, so your kids don’t accidentally take them. By safely storing your medications, you prevent emergencies and accidents from happening. Just as your pharmacists handled delivery care of your medications well, you must also practice safe storage.

  • Walk Through the House
    Walk through your house as if you are your kid. See things from their perspective and see where you can store medications where they can’t easily reach them. If you just purchased your medical supplies in Connecticut, practice the habit of immediately storing them safely.
  • Don’t Leave Them Lying Around
    Kids are naturally curious, so if you just leave them around, they’re going to touch them, play with them, or even pop them into their mouths. During your medication counseling, you can also ask for advice on some tips on how you can remember to take your medication without lining them up on counters or easy-to-reach places.
  • Use Safe Containers
    No medication container is childproof, but as much as possible, make sure to use the safest medication containers you can find. Look for Pharmacy Services in Ansonia, Connecticut that can help you out with this.
  • Teach Your Children About Medications
    Although they’re young, children understand far better than what we imagine them to be. Talk to them about the medication you’re taking and why they should not play or touch it.

Safe storage of medications is not just important for your kids, but it’s also important for you, so you never miss taking important medication because it’s lost or misplaced by your kid. For your medication needs or service needs for medication administration in Connecticut, call HANCOCK PHARMACY VI LLC now.

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